Hello Everyone,
I’m Ken Munakata, a web designer in Honolulu.
We launched a website, HONOLULU TOGO, where we introduce restaurants in Honolulu that offer takeout service. This free portal site helps you search for delicious food to go and enjoy your meals, while going out is restricted at this time.

Also, there are no fees for the restaurants to be registered on our site, so please call out to your favorite restaurants and lunch box/bento shops. We will post their information on our website.

Thank you very much.

HONOLULU TOGO | ホノルルトゥーゴー

Registration Here!!


You can post up to 4 photos (JPG / JPEG only). Please keep it under 2MB per photo.

●If you have a website, will you allow us to take pictures from your website and use them for your page in our website? ●お店のウェブサイトがある場合、ウェブサイトのお写真を使用してもよろしいでしょうか?